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01.Biltricide :: Opticide
02.Armour Thyroid :: Thyroid-s
03.Biltricide :: Opticide
04.Armour Thyroid :: Thiroyd
05.Cynomel T3 :: Cytomel , Tertroxin
06.Armour Thyroid :: Thiroyd
07.Armour Thyroid :: Thyroid-s
08.Ketosteril tab
09.Berenil Injection
10.Topicort :: Esperson Cream
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Welcome to RXasian.com
Save your cost with asian medication.

We sell brand and generic drug. 

Brand  Brand - The drug are the international brand drug such as Novartis, Bayer, Shering etc.
Generic  Generic - The drug are the local made drug but have similar ingradient to the brand.

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Family and Community Medicine Baylor. College of Physicians. Ann Intern Med Hoffman S.

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Weight Loss Generic  Armour Thyroid   Thyroid (extract)   60 mg Tab  1000 Tabs  $138.00
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Weight Loss Generic  Armour Thyroid :: Thiroyd   Thyroid (extract)   60 mg tab  1000 tabs  $139.00
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Weight Loss Generic  Armour Thyroid :: Thyroid-s   Thyroid (extract)   60 mg tab  1000 tabs  $139.00
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Ungroup Brand  Synthroid :: Euthyrox Levothroid   Levothyroxine ( Thyroxine Na )   50 mcg tab  100 tabs  $35.00
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Ungroup Brand  Glakay   Menatetrenone (vitamin K2 )   15 mg cap  90 caps  $58.00
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Ungroup Generic  Ultram   Tramadol   50 mg cap  500 caps/bottle  $270.00
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